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Queensland solar owners are getting a raw deal on solar power they feed back to the grid. The Queensland Productivity Commission (QPC) is undertaking an inquiry into what a fair price for solar should be - but their draft report is a dismal failure.


We don't have long to make sure we get a fair feed-in price for solar. Can you write to the Principal Commissioner urging him to address this glaring omission in the final version of the report, due 15 April 2016?



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This is your chance to tell the Principal Commissioner why solar owners deserve to be paid a fair price for energy they feed back to the grid.

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Solar households get 6c/kWh on average for power they generate. This very same power is sold to their neighbours at three times the price by big power companies. That’s around 12c/kWh that power companies are withholding from solar owners.

Rooftop solar power can help all Queensland electricity users save money. Solar rooftops reduce the need to expand the poles and wires, which make up as much as 50% of your electricity bill!

Rooftop solar power is “decentralised” - it doesn’t have to travel nearly as far as coal and gas before it is used in the home. This avoids the big energy losses (up to 20%) we see when electricity travels hundreds of kilometers from far-off power stations.

The huge take up of solar pv has led to greater competition and reduced the wholesale price of electricity for all Queenslanders.

Rooftop solar power is 100% renewable. Every single rooftop installation is helping to build a clean, healthy future for our children and grandchildren.